ORYS: Assisted reality in the service of nuclear power

Publication date : 14th February 2024

Orys, assisted reality in the nuclear industry, subsidiary of the Ortec Group

“Our worker works hands-free, in complete safety, he is supported, reassured, with a much lower risk of errors. »

— Jean-Charles BISIEAUX, Operations Manager ORYS

We are proud to collaborate with ORYS, a subsidiary of the Group ORTEC, which is engaged in a crucial mission: managing the maintenance of nuclear reactors. Thanks to our solution of connected glasses of assisted reality, in particular with the devices of Realwear, ORYS optimizes operations during power plant unit shutdownsEDF.

Our solution allows you to instantly connect on-site responders with their technical experts. This collaborative approach brings significant benefits. It improves responsiveness and security, provides direct support to teams in the field, reduces maintenance incidents, reduces diagnostic errors and downtime. In addition, it facilitates team training thanks to personalized tutorials.

Explore the world of technological innovation by following the exceptional course by ORYS in this video, where he brilliantly integrates our solution Realwear in their daily missions. They offer a revolutionary and unique experience.

The video highlights the capacity of teams toORYS to share in real time with different people. It highlights the benefits of collaborative optimization, particularly in terms of security, efficiency and sustainability. It also highlights unfettered interactivity, transforming the operational experience.

“The glasses are a superb tool allowing us to work hands-free, to be able to interact directly with a technical advisor who can guide us on safety and the right technical actions. Glasses allow us to work much more peacefully”

— Fabien RICHARD, Mechanic ORYS

Discover how ORYS uses assisted reality glasses, particularly with Realwear, to optimize its processes, but also address complex challenges and provide an exceptional user experience. Every look through these glasses becomes a window to efficiency, innovation and success.

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