Revolution in technical maintenance with the RATP

Publication date : April 11th

« LUNAAR is one of my favorites. As soon as I heard about it, I said to myself: 'Ah, that's great, invite me to experiment'. I had the chance to experiment. »

— Caroline NOUZAREDE, Director of operational asset management at RATPgroup

Caroline NOUZAREDE, Operational Director at RATPgroup, shares his inspiring experience at Rail Open Lab. The adoption of glasses assisted reality Realwear transforms the RATP. Caroline's words perfectly sum up the essence of this transition to technologically advanced maintenance.

LUNAAR glasses provide a real-time communications interface between field teams and remote experts. They enable rapid and accurate problem resolution, even on critical equipment.

The benefits are considerable:

(I.e. Reduced downtime : Up to 75% reduction in downtime thanks to rapid and efficient interventions.
???? Less carbon footprint : Significant reduction in technician travel, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.
👷🏽 Empowering frontline employees : Technicians feel supported and competent in their interventions, which increases their efficiency and confidence.

« We tested the solution in the area of ​​training and troubleshooting and it was very successful. Today, we have completed the experimentation phase, we are moving on to industrialization, we are deploying the solution. We have lots of ideas for its use, particularly in the context of on-call duty and the Olympic Games where everything is going to be different. It really is a tool to support daily maintenance which is extremely valuable. »

— Caroline NOUZAREDE, Director of operational asset management at RATPgroup

In our latest video, you can see how Realwear by LUNAAR assisted reality glasses are truly transforming the daily lives of RATP technicians. This revolutionary technology eliminates traditional troubleshooting obstacles by providing an immersive and secure experience.

We warmly thank the Rail Open Lab for initiating this collaboration with the RATP. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to Caroline NOUZAREDE for sharing her experience during the plenary, thus contributing to the advancement of innovation in the field of technical maintenance.

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