How SNCF optimizes its repairs using RealWear

Publication date : 29th February 2024

SNCF: RealWear-assisted troubleshooting

« I think it's one of the best solutions because we're really close. It's really a tool that will add a real plus in terms of communication and getting started on troubleshooting earlier. »


Under the Rail Open Lab, the innovation accelerator in the railway sector, LUNAAR collaborates with SNCF Network to test and adapt its solution to field requirements. Our objective ? Allow technicians to collaborate with their experts, from anywhere, thanks to assisted reality RealWear and our LUNAAR connectivity offerings.

The first experiments began in December 2023 at C2MI (Infra Equipment Maintenance Center) of Culoz, a strategic site where teams repair and maintain around sixty maintenance machines on the SNCF network.

SNCF issues:

  • Assist technicians remotely and in real time during complex breakdowns
  • Improve the skills of technicians
  • Smoother communication between technicians and experts
  • Better knowledge sharing.

Thanks to that solution complete, LUNAAR met the needs of the SNCF which allowed it to test and demonstrate its effectiveness during trials lasting several weeks. On the connectivity side, LUNAAR has made several solutions available, ranging from the 4G RealWear modem to its 5G connectivity pack. We have developed a new carrying solution in backpack mode to meet the need for mobility. Our solutions have helped boost network coverage, even in the most complicated areas.

“It will increase the skills of the agents because they will go directly to the site, it is true that we do not ask ourselves the same questions but once we are on the ground confronted with the machine, it This is where we really ask ourselves concrete questions. »


A huge thank you to all the teams involved. We look forward to continuing this exciting adventure!

LUNAAR is proud to be part of the ROL and to promote its multi-use solutions in the demanding world of rail.

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